Trail Running in Staffal (Aosta Valley, Italy)

The trip to Monte Rosa was primarily aimed at getting on the glacier. However, after we made it back down to Staffal, I managed to squeeze in a short trail run (about 8 km) from Staffal to the edge of the glacier at Sorgenti del Lys. It is a relatively easy (although ascending) path with incredibly rewarding views (including a glimpse of Vincent Piramid) and not particularly technical running. Leaving from Résidence Walstertal, I took a right and walked further up the road and out of the town following path number “7”. The trail is very well-marked and runs along the Lys river which is fed by a lake at the foot of the glacier.

Looking down towards Staffal from Path “7” towards Sorgenti de Lys. Photo © Siena Anstis.
Looking at the disappearing Monte Rosa glacier from Sorgenti del Lys. Photo © Siena Anstis.