Research & Writing

Academic Articles & Book Chapters

  • Article, “Digital Transnational Repression and Host States’ Obligation to Protect Against Human Rights Abuses” (Forthcoming 2022) Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice – with Sophie Barnett.
  • Article, “The Adverse Human Rights Impacts of Canadian Technology Companies: Reforming Export Control with the Introduction of Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence” (2021) Canadian Journal of Law & Technology – with RJ Reid.
  • Article, “Government Procurement Law and Hacking Technology: The Role of Public Contracting in Regulating an Invisible Market” (2021) 41 Computer Law & Security Review 1.
  • Report Section, “On/Offline: Multidimensional Threats Faced by Environmental Human Rights Defenders in Southeast Asia” (2020) Global Information Society Watch – with Irene Poetranto and Sharly Chan.
  • Article, “Detaining the Uncooperative Migrant” (2020) 33 Osgoode Hall Journal of Law and Social Policy 38 – with Molly Joeck.
  • Article, “Separate but Unequal: Immigration Detention in Canada and the Great Writ of Liberty” (2018) 63:2 McGill Law Journal 1 – with Jared Will and Joshua Blum.
  • Article, “Revisiting the Role of Presumptions of Legislative Intent in Statutory Interpretation” (2017) 95:2 Canadian Bar Review 297 – with the Honourable Thomas A. Cromwell and Thomas Touchie.
  • Article, “The Legal Services Gap: Access to Justice as a Regulatory Issue” (2017) 42:1 Queen’s Law Journal 1 – with the Honourable Thomas A. Cromwell.
  • Book, Foundations of Civil Justice: Towards a Value-Based Framework for Civil Reform (Springer, 2015) – with Dr. Fabien Gélinas, Clément Camion, Catherine Piché, Mariko Khan and Karine Bates.
  • Book Chapter, “The Taylor Case: Aiding and Abetting, Specific Direction and the Possibility of Strict Liability for Remote Offenders” in Collection of Essays in Honour of Justice Hassan Bubacar Jallow (Martinus Nijhoff Publishers, 2015) – with Prof. Frédéric Mégret.
  • Article, “Legal Empowerment, Social Movements and Fostering Equitable Economic Development in Cambodia” (2013) 2:1 Canadian Journal of Poverty Law – with Dr. Nandini Ramanujam.
  • Article, “Using Law to Impair the Rights and Freedoms of Human Rights Defenders: A Case Study of Cambodia” (2012) 4:3 Oxford Journal of Human Rights Practice.


  • Op-ed, “Canada’s commitment to media freedom must be matched by action” in the Globe and Mail (April 2021) – with Edin Omanovic.
  • Op-ed, “Canadian technology is being used to thwart human rights overseas — but there are solutions” in the Toronto Star (November 2020) – with Jon Penney and Sophie Barnett.

Submissions to Government/International Organizations & Other Reports