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Selected Professional/Academic Presentations and Panels

  • Panel Chair. “Measuring Authenticity, Redefining Disinformation: Mixed-Methods Approach to Disinformation Studies in the Context of Repressive Regimes.” (2023). International Communication Association.
  • Panelist. “Surveillance Spyware Technologies Raise Alarm Bells.” (2023). UIA Rule of Law Webathon.
  • Panelist. “Digital Transnational Repression.” (2023). Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy, Professional Programs.
  • Panelist. “Digital Transnational Repression and Freedom of Thought and Expression.” (2022). Sovereignty Identity Crisis: State, Self, and Collective in a Digital Age Event. iLIT and the Temple Law Review, Temple Law School. 
  • Panelist. “Is Abolition Possible? The Danger of Presuming Technological Neutrality.” (2022). NetHope Summit.
  • Panelist. “Transnational Repression Series II: The Long Arm of Authoritarianism.” (2022). Orion Policy Institute.
  • Panelist. “Resisting Digital Authoritarianism.” (2022). The Resistance Bureau.
  • Panelist. “Understanding the Global Surveillance Industry: The Spyware Case Study and Key Concerns for Canadian Companies and Public Bodies.” (2022). CAN-TECH LAW Association. 
  • Panelist. “The Impact of Spyware on Human Rights Defenders.” (2022). OHCHR Expert Meeting on New Technologies and Enforced Disappearances. 
  • Panelist. “Journalism Under Digital Siege: Litigation and Accountability for Pegasus Surveillance Against Journalists.” (2022). UNESCO World Press Freedom Day.
  • Panelist. “Digital Transnational Repression in Canada”. (2022). Civic Tech Toronto
  • Panelist. “Supporting Civil Society Engagement and Improving Its Preparedness.” (2022). European Cyber Agora/Working Group Workshop.
  • Panelist. “Digital Transnational Repression.” (2022). Emerging Elements of Transnational Repression.” University of Ottawa.
  • Panelist. “Pegasus Spyware and the Deficit of Norms.” (2021). Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Main Session BFP Cybersecurity. 
  • Panelist. “The Importance of a Robust Transparency Agenda.” (2021). EU Export Control Forum.
  • Panelist. “Responding to Digital Transnational Repression.” (2021). Global Democracy Coalition Forum.
  • Panelist. “Digital Authoritarianism.” (2021). RightsCon. 
  • Panelist. “The Global Proliferation of Spyware.” (2020). RightsCon.
  • Panelist. “Digital Transnational Authoritarianism Against Dissidents: Reactions, Emotions, and Insecurity.” (2019). Feeling Safe: Exploring Innovative Research Approaches to the Emotional Underpinnings of Security. Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, University of Toronto. 
  • Panelist. “Detaining the Uncooperative Migrant”. (2019). De-Carceral Futures: Bridging Prison & Immigration Justice, Queen’s University, Faculty of Law.