Rambling to Kullen Lighthouse in Kullaberg Nature Reserve (Sweden)

The pool at the trailhead to Kullen lighthouse. Photo © Lena Anstis.
Beach at the start of the trail to the Kullen lighthouse. Photo © Siena Anstis.
On the trail to the Kullen lighthouse. Photo © Siena Anstis.

Another ramble do-able as a day-trip from Malmö, and so worth it. Following Google Maps, we took train and bus connections (two busses) from Malmö to Mölle. While the connections were a grind, it was worth the inconvenience. In Mölle, stop for breakfast or a fika at the Mölle Krukmakeri. The coffee is delicious and sitting under the apple trees with the sun shining made for an excellent start to the day. From there, you can walk all the way to the lighthouse (about 5.5km away). The trail is a bit rocky and hilly, but not particularly taxing for an adult. To get to the trailhead to the Kullen lighthouse, walk from the café down to Norra Strandvägen and take a right onto Norra Strandvägen. Follow the paved road (with charming views of the lovely town) until this beach and turquoise pool and you should see the trail start. There is also a bus (although check the schedule to make sure it is running) that goes from Mölle to the lighthouse and back. At the lighthouse, treat yourself to an excellent beer and ice cream before returning back by bus or foot.