Rambling and camping in Stenshuvud’s National Park (Sweden)

Near the lighthouse in Stenshuvud’s National Park. Photo © Siena Anstis.
The beach near the park’s main entrance. Photo © Siena Anstis.
The walk home from the park back to the bus in Sodra Mellby. Photo © Siena Anstis.

Rambling and camping in Stenshuvud’s National Park from Malmö with a three-year-old was worth the heavy pack. The National Park is wonderful, with fairytale forest trails and a long sandy beach. We took a train and bus connection from Malmo to Södra Mellby and then followed the Google Maps directions for walking into the park. The walk into the park turned out to be challenging and generally awful, with heavy traffic and no place to walk (a first for me in Sweden). Once in the park, however, the stress of the road fell away and we walked from the main entrance to the campground in the Northern section (the park maps are easy to read and very useful). The walk was challenging for a small child–with lots of small rocks to navigate–but entertaining in the varied terrain and glimpses of the sea. As we neared the campground, we walked on calmer, softer ground and through the beautiful forest. The next morning we caught a beautiful sunrise at the lighthouse, which was walking distance from the campground, and ate a breakfast of noodle soup over quickly heating beach stones baked by bright sunshine. On the walk back out of the park, we took a better walking route. We took the first right available from the main road leading out of the park and followed it until it joined the main road (Esperödsliden) here. The road was hilly at times, but provided beautiful views of the ocean and ripe cherries.