Running in the Kent Downs (Part II)

Photos of the footpaths & road running landscape near Elmsted in the Kent Downs. Photo credits © Siena Anstis.

I have marvelled at how wonderful running is in Kent (UK) in a previous post. Having spent more time in the area, I have now concluded that the area has some of the most beautiful countryside running I have experienced to date in the UK (or anywhere, save Northern and Western Uganda). I do not have a specific route to recommend, although I have been running around Elmsted (a small village in Kent). Both the road and off-road running around there is wonderful, and particularly along the North Downs Way. If you have a solid set of cross-country or off-road running shoes (I am partial to these Solomons), the muddy footpaths provide a wonderful way to get off the narrow roads. I use app (which can be downloaded to use offline) to direct me on these runs, which I find a bit easier to follow than the OS maps. A few pictures above to tempt anyone in the future.