Rambling from Eastbourne to Seaford (the Seven Sisters) (UK)

The cliffs on the Eastbourne to Seaford walk. Photo credit © Siena Anstis.

This is a beautiful walk along the white cliffs from Eastbourne to Seaford. You can take public transit (or drive) to Eastbourne and walk all the way to Seaford along the coastal cliffs. There are frequent busses back from Seaford to Eastbourne, making this a great one-way walk. The walk is around 18-21km depending on how far into Seaford you go at the end. I would bring a hot thermos of tea and a sandwich to enjoy while overlooking the ocean. This walk would also be an excellent trail run; once past the rocky beaches, the trail is spongy yet firm and the up and down swoops of the green hills are great fun. This, and the beautiful and wide-open view of the churning ocean. It was so windy when I did this walk that a few times I worried about lifting off–so be mindful of staying away from the cliffs’ edges.