Running Ystad to Ales Stenar & back (Sweden)

Photo © Siena Anstis
Photo © Siena Anstis

Of the running variety. I ran the coast from Ystad to Ales Stenar for a total of about 40km. Shooting season at the military base was on hold, so I was able to cover most of this ground via the rolling ‘hills’ that lounge the coast with spectacular views of the water and cliffs. From Malmö, it’s an easy train connection to Ystad. Follow the Skåneleden trail from the Ystad station and down to the coastal path. Do not be dissuaded by the first few kms through the urban port with huge lorries, car ferries headed abroad and other locations, and general lack of ambiance. Where possible, opt for staying directly on the beach, if you don’t mind running through quick sand. There were few opportunities for water, but this Salomon vest does the trick without chafing and the little town of Kåseberga, just below the rocks of Ales Stenar, has a few shops with water, juice, and fresh baked goods. If you want to stick around, you can also wild camp outside the Ales Stenar national park and wake up to a wonderful view of the water and, if you’re lucky, the judgmental gaze of a herd of cattle.

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