Rambling on the Island of Ven (Sweden)

The island of Ven in June. Photo © Siena Anstis.

The island of Ven: a wonderfully easy trip from Malmö and a beautiful place. In the summer, pick a weekday to visit since the crowds will be (slightly) diminished. From Malmö, a train to Landskrona and the bus (or a walk through the town) to the port. The ferry ride itself is short and sweet, and if you’re lucky the waves will splash high enough to soak the top deck. After the port (with the best ice cream I’ve had in Sweden to date–essentially the first thing you see after stepping off the boat), you hike up a hill where you can rent a bike. The lines were long-ish on a Friday, so the earlier the better. The island itself is a mix of paved roads and dirt/rock paths (which tend to be less busy). Pack a snack, spread a blanket, and enjoy a beach, a whiskey, a wonderful pint on the leafy patio of the Tuna Krog, or just a long ramble (or bike-ramble, in my case, with three-year-old & bike trailer in tow). This would be a fantastic place for a long run, even on a day-trip from Malmö.