Rambling from Glumslöv to Landskrona (Sweden)

This is a wonderful coastal walk, easily accessible from Malmö by train. The train goes from Malmö Central Station to Glumslöv, a small village just off the coast of Skåne in Southern Sweden. Stepping off in Glumslöv, there is a small grocery store near the train station to pick up supplies. There are different routesContinue reading “Rambling from Glumslöv to Landskrona (Sweden)”

Rambling from Eastbourne to Seaford (the Seven Sisters)

This is a beautiful walk along the white cliffs from Eastbourne to Seaford. You can take public transit (or drive) to Eastbourne and walk all the way to Seaford along the coastal cliffs. There are frequent busses back from Seaford to Eastbourne, making this a great one-way walk. The walk is around 18-21km depending onContinue reading “Rambling from Eastbourne to Seaford (the Seven Sisters)”

Climbing Via Ferratas in Val D’Aran (Spain)

Via Ferrata Unha Just shy of 800 meters, this via ferrata proceeds in three stages (with escapes after stage 1 and stage 2) to climb up to 2220 meters. There is one Tibetan bridge, a dangling ladder, and a few challenging overhanging sections, among other obstacles to conquer. There is nothing quite like the sensationContinue reading “Climbing Via Ferratas in Val D’Aran (Spain)”

Rambling to Lac d’Arrius, Lac Tort d’Arrius & Lac del Mar (Spain)

This was my second glimpse of the unique world of the Spanish Pyrenees. Starting from the old Hospital de Vielha (at the end of the mouth of the tunnel that goes to Vielha), we hiked up to Lac d’Arrius/l’Estanh de Rius, Lac Tort d’Arrius/Estanh Tort de Rius and Lac de Mar/Estanh del Mar and backContinue reading “Rambling to Lac d’Arrius, Lac Tort d’Arrius & Lac del Mar (Spain)”

Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)

Earlier this year, I set my sights on accomplishing the Tour du Mont Blanc solo, camping, with little prior experience. A brief survol follows. This was an incredible hike, and one I can highly recommend to anyone dipping their toes into through-hiking. I did the 180 km or so loop, with a number of variantes,Continue reading “Trekking the Tour du Mont Blanc (France, Italy, Switzerland)”

Rambling to Kullen Lighthouse (Sweden)

Another ramble do-able as a day-trip from Malmö, and so worth it. Following Google Maps, we took train and bus connections (two busses) from Malmö to Mölle. While the connections were a grind, it was worth the inconvenience. In Mölle, stop for breakfast or a fika at the Mölle Krukmakeri. The coffee is delicious andContinue reading “Rambling to Kullen Lighthouse (Sweden)”

Rambling and camping in Stenshuvud’s National Park (Sweden)

Rambling and camping in Stenshuvud’s National Park from Malmö with a three-year-old was worth the heavy pack. The National Park is wonderful, with fairytale forest trails and a long sandy beach. We took a train and bus connection from Malmo to Södra Mellby and then followed the Google Maps directions for walking into the park.Continue reading “Rambling and camping in Stenshuvud’s National Park (Sweden)”