Running in & outside Brescia (Italy)

Forests around Brescia. Photo © Siena Anstis.

Not for the faint of heart–this run is up, up, up and then down, down, down on the return–a 19km or so loop into the hills and parks outside Brescia up to M. Maddalena. The long winding hill I chose started at the intersection of Via Panoramica and Via S. Gaetanino. I headed up on the road and then looped off to one of the marked trails (watch for little flags painted on rocks or other objects designating these trails) into a forest. I can’t quite remember the name, but the forest was beautiful and there was a spectacular view of the mountains in the distance once at the top of M. Maddalena. Not the most precise directions, but frankly any running around Brescia is stunning, especially up to the Castello di Brescia in the town itself.