Hiking in Los Nevados National Natural Park & to the Peak of Nevado Del Tolima (Colombia)

At the top of Nevado Del Tolima (5,276 m). Photo © Siena Anstis.
Finca la Primavera (where you spend 2 nights total) on the way up to the peak (3700m). Photo © Siena Anstis.

*”Rambling” isn’t quite the right word here. Think, rather, an ascent equivalent to or worse than a marathon due to altitude. One of the most beautiful and exciting multi-day walks of my life, and by far the hardest. Pounding headaches, seemingly constant dehydration, and utter exhaustion. It was worth each step. Changing flora, breathtaking views, and the mystery of starting up a glacier–to reach the top of Nevado del Tolima (5,276 m)–at 3 am in the bitter cold wind and total darkness. We were lucky enough to catch a brilliant sunrise bathing the entire park and a smoking volcano in the distance. I would highly recommend Paramo Trek. The guides were professional, incredibly well-prepared and organized, knowledgeable, and very kind. I did this hike in April.