Bike-rambling around Älmhult (Sweden)

This area of Kronoberg County—around Älmhult—may not be particularly glamorous, but it made for a charming and simple weekend outing from Malmö with a kid. There is at least one clean, comfortable and affordable rental near the lake at Möckelns badplats (with bikes for rent). While this apartment was located a few kms outside theContinue reading “Bike-rambling around Älmhult (Sweden)”

Rambling in Söderåsen National Park (Sweden)

It rained, the entire time. But, the 7 or so km loop following the blue trail to and from the Skäralid entrance in Söderåsen National Park was quiet, green and even manageable for a three-year-old. At Liagärden, we stayed overnight in an open shelter, with the not-so-quiet company of a field mouse. The park wasContinue reading “Rambling in Söderåsen National Park (Sweden)”

Running Ystad to Ales Stenar & back (Sweden)

Of the running variety. I ran the coast from Ystad to Ales Stenar for a total of about 40km. Shooting season at the military base was on hold, so I was able to cover most of this ground via the rolling ‘hills’ that lounge the coast with spectacular views of the water and cliffs. FromContinue reading “Running Ystad to Ales Stenar & back (Sweden)”

Rambling* in Los Nevados National Natural Park & to the Peak of Nevado Del Tolima (Colombia)

*”Rambling” isn’t quite the right word here. Think, rather, an ascent equivalent to or worse than a marathon due to altitude. One of the most beautiful and exciting multi-day walks of my life, and by far the hardest. Pounding headaches, seemingly constant dehydration, and utter exhaustion. It was worth each step. Changing flora, breathtaking views,Continue reading “Rambling* in Los Nevados National Natural Park & to the Peak of Nevado Del Tolima (Colombia)”